ShoreTel Certified Solutions

The Uptivity Discover Suite helps you determine the issues that drive customers to contact you, and enables you to learn from those contacts through a combination of call recording technology, with quality management tools, speech analytics, customer surveys, and other useful applications.

Solution Overview

Uptivity has three ShoreTel-certified methods of call recording to ensure that a solution can be implemented to meet your operating environment.

Key Features & Benefits

Increased Productivity

High-quality, low-cost communication facilitates collaboration among employees, leading to higher productivity. Uptivity’s quality management module uses call recording, desktop screen capture, and a flexible QA form builder to provide customers with a tool kit that can take workforce efficiency to a new level.

Ease of Use

With a perceptive design and plug-and-play implementation, ShoreTel systems live up to their reputation as the industry's easiest solutions to deploy and use. The Discover suite has an intuitive design that is easy to learn. Users become more proficient in less time, accelerating the many returns on your investment.

Best-in-class Management

Centralized management capabilities reduce the time spent on network deployment and maintenance, increasing flexibility and reducing cost of ownership.


ShoreTel provides solutions to address small to large enterprises, with equipment suited for headquarters, regional, and remote or home offices. The Discover suite is also able to provide an enterprise-class solution to small and midsize business.