Nortel PBX Call Recording

Uptivity offers a number of advanced call recording solutions for Nortel’s PBX platforms. These solutions allow you to extract maximum value from your technology investment with Nortel’s product.

Nortel Call Recording Solutions

Uptivity Call Recording — VoIP Passive Tap

Uptivity Call Recording can use port-mirroring and packet-sniffing technology to record your Nortel VoIP phone system. Many VoIP protocols are supported, including SIP and the Nortel UNISTIM protocol.

Our IP recording solution is software based, so expensive telephony boards are not required. A single server can record up to 200 VoIP phones (physical or soft phones). For an implementation with more than 200 seats, or for some multi-site configurations, multiple servers can be configured for centralized distributed recording.

Uptivity can also record digital and analog phones in the same system, making your migration to VoIP seamless.


  • Blended VoIP and TDM recording available
  • Nortel UNISTIM and SIP protocols supported
  • G.722, G.711, or G.729a codecs
  • Capture line information, such as LCD messages, ANI, and Button Presses, using Channel Maps
  • CTI (MLS) is not required, but can be used, if available

Uptivity's VoIP call recording applications can be deployed by tapping directly into the Ethernet lines near the IP PBX and local area gateway. Some tapping systems must lie deeper in the network and even pull data directly from workgroup switches via a mirror (SPAN) port.

Supported PBX types:

  • Nortel Norstar Series
  • Nortel Meridian Series

Nortel Call Recording — Digital Station Tap

Nortel passive tap phone recording solutions are typically wired in between the punch blocks connecting the digital set and the Nortel PBX Line Card. Station Side Passive Tap call recording can capture all traffic to and from the workstation, allowing D-Channel information to be gathered and stored along with the phone conversations.

Using this method, Uptivity can deliver a call and desktop recording solution, and can be a full front-to-back quality management solution. All of this functionality is available without the need for CTI.

Supported PBX types:

  • Nortel Norstar Series
  • Nortel Meridian Series

Nortel Call Recording — CTI Integrations

Additionally, Uptivity has Nortel call recording CTI integrations with the Meridian Link Services (MLS) platform. Additional call detail information can be gathered from this integration if it’s available in your environment.