Solutions for Travel & Hospitality Organizations

Travel and hospitality organizations rely on happy customers. Customer service is the key to referrals, repeat business, and profitability. This requires the ability to effectively serve customers across multiple departments and locations.

Uptivity’s contact center solutions deliver the unique features your organization needs to succeed by enabling:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Expanded cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Use across multiple departments

Improve Customer Satisfaction

According to a recent industry study, 95 percent of customers who have a satisfying contact center experience will do business with the same company again, compared with only 35 percent of dissatisfied customers. This underscores the need to deliver the highest level of customer service. Uptivity can help:

  • Increase first call resolution (FCR) rates through performance management and coaching and training. Studies show that customer satisfaction levels drop by 28 percent when resolution requires more than one call.
  • Leverage surveys to build customer relationships. Gain insight into the motivations and preferences that drive customers, improve the quality of customer interactions, and identify potential opportunities and threats sooner.
  • Quickly bring agents up to speed on new products by incorporating a coaching and training program.

Expand Cross-sell and Upsell Opportunities

Provide your internal sales staff with the knowledge and skills they need to quickly understand new offerings and determine sales best practices. Uptivity’s solutions allow your firm to:

  • Improve cross-sell and upsell performance through coaching and training.
  • Identify high-performing agents through quality management, and use their calls as examples to train underperforming agents.
  • Quickly determine if agents are engaging in cross-selling and upselling through the use of speech analytics.


Uptivity Discover Suite’s flexible architecture provides the features you need to successfully manage customer interaction across multiple offices and locations, such as a:

  • Distributed system to deploy remote servers to record branches and small offices. These remote sites sync back to a central server for ease of storage and retrieval.
  • Blend of multiple PBX technologies, which enables a single Discover implementation to record from multiple audio sources, allowing you to blend traditional TDM recording with VoIP recording, and even record multiple PBX types from the same server.