Solutions for the Public Sector

As a government agency, you’re faced with the need to continually do more with less. Budget cuts and staff reductions force you to become more efficient and effective as privacy and security requirements continue to increase.

Uptivity’s contact center solutions provide:

  • A single solution across multiple departments
  • Flexibility to grow with your organization
  • Advanced security features

Multi-departmental Usage

Your daily environment is fast-paced, distributed, and cross-functional. Our contact center solution can keep up, by providing:

  • A single call recording solution across all functional departments
  • Advanced user permissions, allowing an administrator to partition out recordings so each department has access to its relevant recordings


Uptivity’s flexible architecture provides the features you need to successfully manage customer interaction across multiple offices and locations, such as:

  • A distributed system that can deploy remote servers to record branches and small offices. These remote sites sync back to a central server for ease of storage and retrieval.
  • A blend of multiple PBX technologies that allows a single Uptivity implementation to record from multiple audio sources, allowing you to blend traditional TDM recording with VoIP recording, and even record multiple PBX types from the same server.
  • Radio recording, to record interactions from truck dispatch and field repair technicians.


Uptivity’s Compliance Recording bundle protects customer privacy and confidentiality by offering:

  • SSL encryption for data transmission
  • 256-bit file-level encryption of stored data
  • Strong user-access controls
  • Long-term archiving of recordings for regulatory compliance
  • Disaster recovery and high availability options
  • Ability to integrate with other key systems, such as billing tools or CRM platforms