Solutions for Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs)

As a BPO/outsourcer, your organization needs the scalability to quickly expand operations, and the technical capabilities and flexibility to easily manage varied customer needs.

Uptivity’s robust call center solution provides:

  • A single multi-tenant solution
  • The flexibility and scalability you need
  • A low total cost of ownership

Single Multi-tenant Solution

Outsourcers are often faced with the challenge of purchasing separate solutions based on their customers’ specific needs. Uptivity solves this by offering a single solution across your diverse customer environment, allowing you to:

  • Allocate disk storage to separate storage devices by business unit.
  • Provide remote access to your customers.
  • Integrate directly into off-the-shelf or homegrown applications, such as the IVR or CRM.
  • Blend recording rules and archiving.

Flexibility & Scalability

Uptivity’s solution provides both the scalability and flexibility your unique environment requires, with support for:

  • Blended VoIP and TDM recording from multiple phone systems in a single solution.
  • Higher hardware density, requiring less overhead and long-term maintenance.
  • Rules-based recording and archiving, allowing data to be stored across locations for customizable periods of time.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

By leveraging Uptivity’s unified WFO suite, your organization can lower its total cost of ownership. Our offering:

  • Includes version upgrades with maintenance.
  • Does not require CTI licensing.
  • Uses common IT software (MSSQL, COTS, SOA, etc.).
  • Doesn’t require specialized/skilled labor to implement.