Solutions for Higher Education

Colleges, universities, and technical, trade, and vocational schools are challenged by the need to respond quickly and effectively to all manner of inquiries from prospective and current students, parents, and alumni.

Most of these institutions have contact centers staffed with representatives trained to handle myriad questions and special issues posed by valued callers.

These centers field a complex range of in-bound requests: They schedule prospective-student campus visits and answer questions about admission application procedures, deadlines, and status. They also respond to inquiries about course specifications, entry requirements, and schedules, and about scholarships and financial assistance, housing, grades, and credits transfers.

The centers' outbound activities include surveying constituencies for feedback and to gauge satisfaction, as well as conducting calling campaigns for fundraising activities and programs, and to boost alumni attendance at such events.

Uptivity's contact center workforce optimization (WFO) solution for higher education contact centers provides:

  • A single solution that supports activity across multiple offices and departments.
  • Flexibility to grow and change with your institution.
  • The ability to comply with Higher Education and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Acts.
  • Advanced data privacy and security features.


Uptivity’s WFO solution enables higher education institutions to better manage their call centers by:

  • Reducing call wait and handling times.
  • Minimizing callbacks and complaints.
  • Accelerating financial aid processing.
  • Creating a campus-wide, one-stop center.
  • Improving satisfaction among constituencies.
  • Reducing service operating costs.

Multi-departmental Usage

Your center’s operation is likely fast-paced, distributed, and cross-functional, needing to adjust rapidly to fluctuating demands, including overflow and after-hours calls. Uptivity Discover Suite is designed to address these challenges by providing:

  • A single solution for all departments.
  • Quality management with a representative training/coaching facility.
  • Advanced user permissions that enable the administrator to index recordings and set group and individual access privileges to relevant recordings.

Callers’ interaction experiences shape their impressions of your institution. With Uptivity Quality Management, every response may be evaluated to the institution’s standard. And, each contact center representative has access to a personalized Web portal of focused learning and reference materials.


Uptivity Discover Suite’s flexible architecture provides capabilities to successfully manage constituents’ interactions across multiple offices and locations, such as:

  • A distributed system. Deploy remote servers to record at geographically dispersed offices. These remote sites synchronize with a central server for ease of storage and retrieval.
  • A blend of multiple PBX technologies. A single Discover implementation can record from multiple audio sources, enabling blending TDM recording with VoIP recording, and even recording multiple PBX types from the same server.

Security and Enterprise Integration

Uptivity Discover Suite protects the privacy and confidentiality of contact center interactions by providing:

  • Strong user-access controls
  • 256-bit file-level encryption of stored data
  • SSL encryption for data transmission
  • Long-term archiving of recordings for regulatory compliance
  • Disaster recovery and high-availability options
  • Ability to integrate with third-party systems, including admissions, financial aid, and registrar systems