Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations face a unique set of challenges, including rising costs, the need to improve overall customer service, and an evolving set of regulatory issues. In addition, there’s the daunting task of complying with an ever-evolving set of documentation regulations, including HIPAA and MIPPA, while also ensuring patient confidentiality.

Uptivity’s contact center solutions allow you to mitigate these challenges while ensuring compliance with regulatory and industry standards, by providing:

  • Easy call recording capabilities
  • Secure archiving and storage
  • Advanced search and retrieval

Easy, Reliable Call Recording

Uptivity Call Recording allows organizations to meet MIPPA documentation requirements by recording both inbound and outbound calls with beneficiaries. The flexible platform can be configured to meet your specific needs for recording:

  • On-demand
  • 100 percent of the time
  • Based on a definable set of rules

Secure Record Storage

Uptivity offers a premise-based recording solution, incorporating open standards with advanced security features. This allows for seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure, offering a total recording solution that further enhances your organization’s data security and integrity.

Our robust security and permission features include:

  • The ability to set granular security controls — around access to and export of recordings.
  • A file hash audit trail — to ensure that recordings remain intact and unaltered.
  • Available SSL data transmission and 256-bit file-level encryption packages — to further extend application security.

Auto Archiving

In addition to reliable recording and secure storage, our solution provides auto-archiving and storage to meet business rules or government regulations, such as MIPPA and HIPAA. This feature is:

  • Flexible — allowing you to archive voice and related desktop data together, or voice only. Define archiving rules based on your business needs, keeping different types of calls for different lengths of time.
  • Low maintenance — all files are stored online, which eliminates the need to manage a bulky tape library or load a DVD each time you need to retrieve a call.