Solutions for Financial Trading Firms

Financial trading firms operate in high-stress environments where every second counts. It’s not surprising that these organizations are increasingly turning to full-time voice recording to not only ensure regulatory compliance, but for protection from frivolous litigation as well.

Uptivity's comprehensive contact center solutions provide the robust features you need while ensuring industry regulation compliance with:

  • Flexibility
  • Access control and data encryption
  • On-demand availability for real-time recording updates
  • Recording of trading positions (turrets), both analog and IP


Uptivity Call Recording allows your organization to record what you need, when you need it. Easily configured and scalable to evolve with your firm, our solution offers a:

  • Distributed system. Deploy remote servers to record branches and small offices. These remote sites sync back to a central server for ease of storage and retrieval.
  • Blend of multiple PBX technologies. A single Uptivity implementation can record from multiple audio sources, allowing you to blend traditional TDM recording with VoIP recording, and even record multiple PBX types from the same server.

Access Control and Data Encryption

Uptivity’s contact center solution provides the critical access control and security features your financial services firm requires, including:

  • SSL encryption for data transmission
  • 256-bit file-level encryption of stored data
  • Strong user-access controls

Multi-departmental Usage

Your business environment is fast-paced, distributed, and cross-functional. Our contact center solution can keep up, by providing:

  • A single call recording solution across all functional departments.
  • Advanced user permissions to allow an administrator to partition out recordings so each department has access to its relevant recordings.

Recording of Trading Positions (Turrets)

It’s critical that your organization have access to all screen and phone recording data, all of the time. Uptivity’s solutions are designed to support your unique needs, including capturing trading turrets, both analog and IP.