Contact Center Solutions for Energy & Utilities Providers

Energy and utility companies face mounting pressures: industry consolidation, ever-fluctuating wholesale costs and increased competition make operational efficiencies, and customer service critical success factors.

Uptivity’s contact center solutions help to mitigate these organizational pressures, while providing the unique features your organization requires, including:

  • Flexible architecture
  • Functionality across multiple departments
  • Advanced technical features

Flexible Architecture

Uptivity's flexible architecture provides the features you need to successfully manage customer interactions across multiple offices and locations, such as:

  • Distributed systems. Deploy remote servers to record branches and small offices, with the ability to sync back to a central server for ease of storage and retrieval.
  • A blend of multiple PBX technologies. A single Uptivity implementation can record calls from multiple audio sources, allowing you to blend traditional TDM recording with VoIP recording, and even record multiple PBX types from the same server.
  • Radio recording. Record interactions from truck dispatch and field repair technicians.

Multi-department Functionality

Billing, customer service, and dispatch/repair functions can all be recorded out of the same Uptivity installation. In addition, Uptivity’s advanced user permissions system allows an administrator to partition out recordings so that each department has access only to its relevant recordings.

Advanced Technical Features

Uptivity's advanced technical features ensure that your organization's unique needs are met, by providing:

  • Long-term archiving of recordings for regulatory compliance.
  • Disaster recovery and high-availability options.
  • Integrations to other key systems, such as billing tools or CRM platforms.