Collections Contact Center Recording

Collections agencies and law firms that are operating contact centers for client debt collection benefit from recording interactions to ensure accuracy and minimize risk in case of threat of litigation. Call and desktop recording solutions create an electronic “paper trail” to verify interactions with debtors on behalf of agency clients, and support:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Litigation defense
  • Agent training

Regulatory Compliance

Many industry regulations don’t require customer calls to be recorded; however, call recordings can be used to settle challenges in relation to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). For collections centers that record calls to comply with federal and state regulations, customer interaction recordings are valuable for dispute settlement.

On-demand Recording

Proof is often necessary to mediate and resolve customer disputes. Having access to detailed call recordings and desktop recording data provides the verifiable facts you need to quickly mediate and resolve disputes.

Uptivity provides flexible options for recording calls that enable clients to meet their needs. Some record all calls. Others record calls on demand. Users initiate recording with a few mouse clicks and can annotate recordings with comments. This on-demand recording allows you to attach a unique identifying number to each record, easing archiving and retrieval. Discover makes it possible to capture the entire call, even if an agent begins recording after an interaction is under way. Calls may be saved at any point, ensuring access to entire recordings as needed for critical business purposes, such as legal defense.

Risk Mitigation

Monitoring the quality of agent interactions helps maintain an agency’s service level, which helps mitigate litigation risk. Uptivity Quality Management helps users to maintain high agent performance quality without sacrificing time or resources. A quality management system provides an effective way to evaluate agent adherence to agency procedures and to maximize agent productivity. Quality Management is fully integrated with call and desktop recording, enabling supervisors to evaluate agents as they play back their interactions. Monitoring agent behavior enables improvement through coaching and training, ensuring that agents adhere to agency procedures and protocol.

Quality Reporting

Uptivity works with collections agencies and law firms to design best-practice performance management processes. Discover’s quality performance reports help managers to spot emerging trends at group and individual collector levels. The quality assurance tool enables users to find top performers and use their recordings for collector coaching and training. Supervisors can identify individuals in need of coaching — for adherence to "mini-Miranda" compliance scripting, for example — and know specifically what the individual collectors need to do to improve.

Uptivity Coaching & Training equips debt collection agents with the knowledge and training tools that help them better understand their strengths and weaknesses, fostering better performance, measured in terms of increased customer commitments to repay and of debts collected, as well as improved agent self-empowerment and morale.