Banking & Credit Union Contact Center Solutions

Banks and credit unions face pressure from every direction. Government deregulation continues to breed new competition; customers demand ever-higher service levels, and a never-ending stream of regulations requires additional time and money to ensure that your organization remains compliant.

Uptivity's Discover workforce optimization suite helps alleviate these pressures by providing your organization with proven ways to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Manage liability and risk.

Build your customer base through improved customer satisfaction:

  • Listen to your customers and obtain critical feedback.
  • Support agent training and coaching.
  • Identify new sales and upsell opportunities.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Call recording is more than just a "nice to have," it's a regulatory mandate. Uptivity's Call Recording enables you to achieve regulatory compliance by recording both inbound and outbound calls. The flexible platform features:

  • Advanced speech analytics for automating keyword and phrase spotting.
  • Secure storage of all recordings.
  • Advanced search, retrieval and export capabilities.

Manage Liability and Risk

In the banking industry, lawsuit threats are common. Most organizations can benefit from interaction recordings to reduce their liability and mitigate risk. Advanced call and desktop recording solutions create an electronic "paper trail" to monitor each component of the customer interaction, to provide:

  • A complete view of customer interactions — through advanced call and desktop recording.
  • Complete documentation — of transaction terms for addressing potential billing disputes.
  • Recording archives — for fast search and retrieval of customer interactions.