Performance Optimization

Contact center management is inundated with performance information from tools that provide disparate data points that make it difficult to focus on the metrics needed to have a unified view of the truth.

Insight by Uptivity cuts through the clutter to enable users to:

  • Monitor staff adherence to performance standards.
  • Discover and quickly react to emerging issues and opportunities.
  • Align staff efforts to optimize productivity for attaining enterprise goals.

Deliver Actionable Data

Distilling large amounts of information to just the key points requires countless hours. Insight is a flexible contact center performance management solution that enables users to assemble key performance information from call recordings, satisfaction surveys, and speech analytics, as well as industry data sources, to provide the actionable information that optimizes operating performance.

Uncover Issues and Opportunities

With visibility into all key areas of staff productivity, management is empowered to:

  • Identify obstacles and implement solutions.
  • Solve customer issues quickly and accurately.
  • Improve staff morale, productivity, and utilization.
  • Identify new areas to increase profitability.

Increase Productivity

Insight enables users to coach and evaluate agent performance to generate productivity increases. Using this powerful tool enables the enterprise to:

  • Reduce average handle time (AHT), yielding lower operating cost.
  • Increase effectiveness of training, reduce training time and minimizing staff replacement costs.
  • Increase supervisor efficiency by streamlining the agent evaluation and coaching process, enabling fewer supervisors to manage more agents.