Liability Recording

Most companies that provide telephone sales or service support can benefit from interaction recordings to reduce their liability. Advanced call recording and desktop recording solutions create an electronic “paper trail” to monitor each component of the customer interaction, to support:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Dispute resolution
  • Agent training

Regulatory Compliance

While many industry regulations don’t explicitly require that customer calls be recorded, a recording may be used to settle a claim against a company’s behavior in relation to the act. For companies that are recording for regulatory compliance purposes, these same recordings have potential for use in dispute resolution.

Dispute Resolution

Proof is often necessary to mediate and resolve customer disputes. Having access to detailed call and desktop recording data provides the verifiable facts you need to quickly mediate and resolve disputes.

Uptivity’s call and desktop recording solutions provide support for common disputes, such as:

  • Sales verification. Billing disputes can be addressed by documenting full and complete disclosure of the terms of the sale, and expressed consent for payment.
  • Insurance claims. Recorded calls can be used to resolve disputes related to insurance claims, where a recording of the primary claim is leveraged to validate what coverage was granted or denied, based on the information provided by the caller at the time of the claim.
  • Employee misconduct. Recorded calls can be quickly reviewed to determine if improper conduct occurred, to what extent, and when.

Agent Training

Using recordings in your training environment is an effective way to prevent liability issues from arising. By identifying areas of potential disputes, agent behavior can be corrected through coaching and training, ensuring that proper procedures and protocol are followed.

Uptivity's Liability Recording Solution

Uptivity's solution makes liability recording easy, providing:

  • Advanced call and desktop recording — for a complete view of customer interactions.
  • 100 percent, random, or on-demand recording.
  • Rapid search, retrieval, and playback capabilities.
  • The ability to export and distribute recordings for simplified dispute resolution.
  • Role-based security and encryption capabilities, to ensure regulatory compliance.
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