Internal Process Compliance and Adherence

Your organization’s spent countless hours creating and refining the internal processes that support operating efficiencies and revenue goals. But these procedures are only as good as how well they are followed. Ensuring employee compliance is critical.

A proven quality management platform provides your quality assurance and management staff with a clear way to:

  • Evaluate employee performance — methodically and consistently.
  • Ensure adherence to corporate procedures.
  • Maximize staff productivity.

Evaluate Employee Performance

Monitoring employee performance in a planned, consistent manner helps managers implement coaching techniques when they’re needed most. An effective, consistent coaching program allows management to:

  • Identify obstacles and implement solutions.
  • Solve customer issues sooner — and with more accuracy.
  • Improve staff morale, productivity, and utilization.
  • Identify new areas to increase profitability

Ensure Procedural Adherence

It can be difficult to evaluate staff adherence without a means to capture their daily behaviors. Uptivity’s call recording and desktop recording solutions allow your managers to make sure specific procedures are being followed — at all times.

Maximize Productivity

The net benefit of analyzing employees for compliance and adherence is maximized productivity and support for the bottom line. Uptivity’s desktop recording module allows you to visually monitor employee workflow to:

  • Improve tool usage and process flow.
  • Reduce the risk of inaccurate data entry.
  • Increase first call resolution (FCR).
  • Drive a lower average handle time (AHT).