Effective Employee Coaching

Contact center agent coaching is a continuous process that empowers staff to overcome daily challenges and learn from their experiences. Monitoring agent performance on a consistent basis helps managers implement coaching techniques at the right time.

By implementing an effective, consistent coaching program, your organization can:

  • Empower employees to solve customer issues more quickly — and with more accuracy.
  • Improve employee training programs.
  • Improve staff productivity and utilization.
  • Identify new areas to increase profitability.

Empower Employees

Your agents are in contact with your customers every day. Providing a means for them to identify — and make recommendations on — areas for improvement empowers them to:

  • Take ownership of client relationships.
  • Solve issues that arise, quickly and more accurately.
  • Provide better overall customer care.

Improve Training

For employees to perform, they first need the necessary knowledge and skills to do their job. A consistent and high-quality training program — based on actual calls in your environment — allows you to:

  • Ensure that training is delivered uniformly across all areas of the organization.
  • Enhance and enforce adherence to departmental procedures and policies.
  • Maintain morale by establishing clear and measurable goals.

Improve Productivity

Effective coaching is the foundation for a productive employee and, ultimately, a satisfied customer. Uptivity Coaching and Training solution has been proved to:

  • Improve first call resolution (FCR).
  • Empower agents with quicker access to the correct information.
  • Improve overall interaction workflow and adherence performance.
  • Enable representatives to better respond to customers’ needs and emotions.

Increase Profitability

The investment made in your employees’ coaching program will ultimately affect your bottom line — in a positive way! Uptivity’s coaching and training module enables you to:

  • Improve staff utilization and productivity.
  • Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Shorten average handle time (AHT), resulting in reduced costs.
  • Reduce employee loss and attrition, saving time and money on recruitment and training.
  • Achieve a higher overall quality of interaction.