Dispute Resolution

Proof is necessary to mediate and resolve customer disputes and complaints. Having access to the full details of all contact center interactions with the customer, through call and desktop recordings, provides the verifiable facts you need to quickly reconcile disputes.

Process Alignment

Customer complaints are sometimes caused by a breakdown in communication or the failure of an employee to follow procedure. Having access to detailed call recordings and desktop recordings provides the concrete information you need to:

  • Determine where an issue arose — and how to fix it.
  • Ensure that proper workflow procedures are followed.
  • Uncover potential areas for process improvement.

Complaint Management

Customer complaints can quickly become emotionally charged. Uptivity’s speech analytics solution can help you proactively identify certain key moments — such as when a conversation became heated, where a competitor was mentioned or why a customer is leaving. This invaluable information will help you identify issues with products, services, or support.

Uptivity's Dispute Resolution Solution

Uptivity’s award-winning call recording solution allows you to:

  • Quickly locate calls.
  • Evaluate data entry issues for disputes caused by input errors.
  • Tag recordings to speed future search and retrieval.
  • Search recording archives for fast retrieval of older claims still in progress.