Real-time Customer Feedback

Your customers are your lifeblood. Understanding what they think — from what motivates a purchase, to their opinion of your company — is essential to building long-lasting relationships. This critical feedback drives your business strategy, informing you when to enhance offerings, address issues, and target new opportunities.

By leveraging real-time customer feedback, you can more quickly:

  • Understand customer preferences and motivations.
  • Improve customer interactions at all levels.
  • Identify potential threats and new business opportunities.

Understand customer preferences and motivations

Giving customers what they want — when they want it — is the key to any successful business. And the only way to know what customers want is to ask! Gathering frequent feedback about your customers’ wants, needs, and motivations ensures that you’re making informed business decisions and fulfilling customer desires.

Customer surveys are not just a marketing tool; they provide critical input to:

  • The ongoing development of your products or services. Sharing customer feedback throughout your organization — from research and development through quality assurance — ensures that your entire company is aligned with your strategy — and your customers.
  • The continuous improvement of your business. As customer relationships grow, so should your ability to enhance business efficiencies and improve internal processes.

Improve Customer Interactions

Like most successful organizations, yours may have a quality management (QM) program to help make sure your agents are following proper procedures. Adding a system for gathering regular, consistent customer feedback helps to ensure that your QM program is aligned with customer desires and preferences, leading to improved customer interactions.

Identify Potential Threats and New Business Opportunities

You may not always like what your customers have to say, but their feedback is critical to determining where potential threats exist. Whether it's feedback on your organization — or your competition — this information helps make sure your company is well positioned.

Likewise, customer feedback can help you identify new business opportunities, as well as:

  • Aid in customer acquisition, retention, and growth.
  • Identify potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Allow you to more quickly respond to underserved customer needs.

Uptivity’s Customer Feedback Solution

Uptivity offers a comprehensive, easy-to-implement survey solution that makes customer feedback collection and analysis easy. Our survey solution provides:

  • Flexible delivery options, including Web, email, or IVR surveys.
  • Web-based reporting.
  • Advanced logic, allowing customer responses to determine the course of the survey.
  • Permission-based access, ensuring privacy of data.