Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Capture the voice of the customer by leveraging customer surveys

Uptivity Surveys is our customer satisfaction module and is the perfect tool for your enterprise feedback management. From measuring your customers' potential to refer you to friends and colleagues, to gauging customer and employee satisfaction, data collection and analysis is easy. Through this hosted survey application, you can create multiple surveys using a Web-based survey builder. Each survey is presented in an IVR format. Your surveys can be a static set of questions, or they can contain advanced skip logic, where the question presented is dependent on the response to previous questions.

Features and Benefits of Customer Surveys

Ease of Setup

IVR surveys can be integrated with your phone system, and even use your internal IVR applications. Or the survey can be a stand-alone application, where a toll-free number is printed on a paper receipt or invoice and a customer dials the survey directly.

Web-based Reporting

Uptivity Surveys features a Web-based reporting portal, revealing trends such as survey completion rates, overall scores, and survey results based on sections within a survey and individual survey questions.

Capture the Voice of the Customer

Capture the voice of the customer within a survey. Any question can be used to solicit additional customer feedback. The Web-based reporting includes an interface to play back customer responses.

Reduced IT Workload

Because Uptivity Surveys is hosted, you receive the benefits of using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), eliminating the need to purchase hardware, and reducing the workload for your enterprise feedback management needs.

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UP the Game in Your Contact Center!

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