Speech Analytics Software for Contact Centers

Immediately impact your business performance with a streamlined speech analytics solution

Uptivity Speech Analytics, our phonetics-based speech analytics solution, quickly locates key words and phrases contained within call recordings, identifying opportunities to leverage business intelligence, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiencies across your organization.

Speech analytics key features:

  • Key word/phrase spotting: Phonetics-based engine mines up to 100 percent of call recordings, identifying business-critical key words and phrases.
  • Phonetics-based engine: Delivers accurate, near-real-time results, compatible with non-standard words, such as jargon, slang, and foreign words.
  • Silence detection: Detects abnormal pauses or holds, indicating potential workflow issues and areas that may need process improvement.
  • Confidence scoring: Ensures accuracy and minimizes false positives by assigning probability scores to results.
  • Stereo recording: Distinguishes between the customer and agent, and locates instances of cross-talk.

Key benefits:

  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO): Low hardware requirements, fast implementation and no expensive professional services engagements combine to deliver a low TCO.
  • Fast time to value: Speech Analytics delivers business value sooner, without the need for lengthy upfront assessments or calibration periods.
  • Small hardware footprint: A single server can analyze up to 1,440 hours of calls per day (the equivalent of 180 agents working eight-hour shifts), and more servers can be added as needed.
  • Easy to use: Analytics does not require a dedicated analyst to operate. Results are intuitively displayed within the interface, and are easily fine-tuned.

Knowledge-sharing Through Speech Analytics

Speech analytics lets you quickly search large volumes of audio for multiple terms of interest. Audio files containing the specific terms can be accessed quickly and easily. This ability to locate key phrases in continuous audio extends the benefits of speech analytics beyond the contact center by allowing the business intelligence that is gathered to be shared with departments across the entire organization, including marketing, legal, and administrative departments.

By delivering lists of audio samples requiring further analysis, speech analytics locates the proverbial needle in a haystack, allowing reviewers to take a highly targeted approach to satisfying your unique business goals.

Speech analytics benefits:

  • Quickly spot trends in call flow.
  • Identify agent coaching or training opportunities.
  • Improve internal process adherence.
  • Quickly locate satisfied or disappointed customers.
  • Assess business drivers.
  • Locate mentions of competitors.
  • Extend business intelligence throughout entire organization.

Effective Insight Through Speech Analytics

Our solutions provide organizations with an overall view of performance across their entire operation. Near-real-time indicators of potential compliance issues allow for fast intervention, improving both agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Critical Business Intelligence

Our speech analytics engine is capable of making multiple searches across thousands of recorded calls to identify valuable business intelligence. You can then quickly locate and retrieve calls that contain mentions of competitors, phrases indicative of decreased customer satisfaction, and other service-level KPIs.

Improved Risk Management

Uptivity Speech Analytics significantly improves risk management by delivering the unique ability to monitor up to 100 percent of calls, enabling a full view into corporate risk.

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UP the Game in Your Contact Center!

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