Quality Management

Maintain the highest levels of quality with our effective, customizable contact center quality management solution

The case for quality isn’t new: Quality drives customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction drives customer loyalty. That’s where Uptivity Quality Management, our quality management (QM) module, comes in. Quality allows you to maintain the highest levels of quality without sacrificing time or resources.

Raising the Bar on Effective Quality Management

A proven quality management platform provides your quality assurance and management staff with a clear way to evaluate employee performance, ensure adherence to corporate procedures and maximize staff productivity. As part of the unified Uptivity WFO Suite, the quality management module allows you to perform QA while playing back call and desktop recordings.

Quality management key features:

  • Included with all installations — no additional licensing is required.
  • Unlimited playback and QM reviewer licenses included.
  • Play back synchronized call and desktop recordings simultaneously for easy agent scoring.
  • Flexible, easy-to-use form builder lets you create custom forms in minutes.
  • Detailed reporting provides insight to the data, so you can make decisions based on the metrics that matter most.
  • Library of standard reports included, along with the ability to create and share custom reports.
  • Ability to share and download QM forms on the Uptivity Community.

Customizable Quality Management — to Fit Your Distinct Needs

It takes a thorough understanding of your unique business drivers to deliver an effective quality management program. inContact understands this, and will work with you to design the right solution. We take several factors into consideration when building your solution: Your existing technology, your performance measurements, your future goals, and, of course, your budget. The result is an effective way to monitor quality and calibrate to organizational standards.

Flexible Quality Management Evaluation Form Creation and Scoring

  • Easily create multiple Web-based evaluation forms in a matter of minutes — without relying on IT staff.
  • Add questions, sections or responses to your forms with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Build as many forms as you need, each with an unlimited number of sections, questions, and responses.
  • Choose the weighting for each section, question, and response for customized scoring.
  • Form scoring supports auto-fail for critical elements (section or entire form), factoring out non-applicable questions when scoring.

Comprehensive Quality Management Reporting Lets You Monitor What Matters Most

A diverse range of reporting options are available through integration with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), allowing you to quickly and easily monitor center performance and optimize service and performance levels. Powerful, ready-to-use reports can be used to spot trends as they emerge at the group or individual level. Find your top performers and use their recordings for coaching and training, or identify those individuals in need of coaching and know for certain what they need to learn.

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UP the Game in Your Contact Center!

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