Performance Management

Optimize Contact Center Performance with a Single Version of the Truth

Contact centers operate in dynamic environments where efficiently and effectively addressing customer inquiries and proactively uncovering root causes have a direct and immediate impact on performance management success.

Unfortunately, many organizations rely on contact center performance measures from diverse sources, resulting in unreliable and inconsistent views of current conditions. Having a consolidated, accurate, and consistent single version of the truth is crucial.

Insight by Uptivity, a performance management solution, provides this truth with a unified view of all contact center activity, so staff at all levels have clear and consistent views of contact center performance and can identify issues and respond appropriately, maintaining clear accountability.

Insight performance management key benefits:

  • Gives managers and supervisors more time to focus on finding solutions, rather than searching for what the problem was in the first place.
  • Allows contact center managers to set visible goals and assign deadlines.
  • Insight is cloud-based, which means faster deployment of updates and lower maintenance costs.
  • Using Insight, managers and supervisors can look forward to running fewer applications throughout the day.

Simplify Your Data Capture with Insight Performance Management

Insight processes data from sources across the enterprise, including call recordings, CRM, ERP, HR, SCM and WFM applications. Data is processed in the cloud and then displayed in Insight’s unified dashboards to enhance the ability to quickly react to emerging trends and challenges.

Gain Visibility, Drive Accountability with Dynamic Views of Contact Center Performance

Insight provides a unified view of contact center performance, based on adherence to goals. From executive-level summaries, to front-line agent dashboards, this reporting gives contact center managers the ability to put everything out in the open. Agents know what their goals are, and supervisors know who’s not working up to par.

Drive Continuous Improvement with Tight Feedback Cycles and Focused Coaching

Insight gives managers quick access to trends, allowing them to rapidly make decisions that can have a positive impact on performance. Tight feedback loops lead to faster change by:

  • Gathering contact center performance data.
  • Analyzing customer interactions via speech and desktop analytics.
  • Reporting on operational performance in a timely fashion.
  • Engaging staff through focused coaching sessions.

Every agent is different, and supervisors’ time is limited. Insight helps supervisors identify who needs help, and where, so that they can get more out of their one-on-one coaching time with their employees.

UP the Game in Your Contact Center!

UP the Game in Your Contact Center!

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