Performance Management

Optimize Contact Center Performance with a Single Version of the Truth

Contact centers operate in dynamic environments where efficiently and effectively addressing customer inquiries and proactively uncovering root causes have a direct and immediate impact on performance management success.

Unfortunately, many organizations rely on contact center performance measures from diverse sources, resulting in unreliable and inconsistent views of current conditions. Having a consolidated, accurate, and consistent single version of the truth is crucial.

Insight by Uptivity, a performance management solution, provides this truth with a unified view of all contact center activity, so staff at all levels have clear and consistent views of contact center performance and can identify issues and respond appropriately, maintaining clear accountability.

inView is a revolutionary, optimization solution engineered by contact centers for contact centers. inView drives successful execution, by aggregating performance data from disparate systems, and acting on the data with proven business improvement processes. inView increases accountability and creates a culture of continuous development essential to reaching business objectives.

inView is a suite of management tools developed to meet the specific needs of front line sales and service activities. By delivering real-time, personalized performance data to every employee on the floor while automating critical managerial activities, inView increases efficiency for management, supervisors, and agents.

By providing real-time visibility into agent level activities, inView:

  • Drives greater executive visibility and impact
  • Enhance supervisor effectiveness and efficiency
  • Increase front line agents’ productivity and proficiency

Bring all of your Business Metrics inView

The inView performance dashboard solution aggregates your businesses KPIs into a consolidated, integrated solution. With real-time, personalized performance data you can identify correlations easily across data sets, take action with proactive problem notifications to supervisors via automated alerts, foster empowerment and focus with customized employee dashboards, and reduce operating costs through maximum visibility.

Manage Interactions at the Site, Project, Team, and Agent Level Performance

Measure the performance of each agent, coach, manager, site, and project. Track emails, chats, tweets, tickets, and calls using the multi-channel performance dashboard. There are no limitations on KPI measurements, including the ability to create global performance scores using weighted KPIs for a unified performance score.

Flexibility and Speed

inView moves at the speed of your business. Utilize a suite of customizable reporting modules that can be built and modified on the fly with a user friendly dashboard toolkit. You’ll get immediate visibility into each area of opportunity, and be able to quickly measure an individuals’ development and effectiveness.


Get real-time tracking, trending and reporting on agent, team, and project quality metrics. With this level of detail, you can quickly identify best practices, potential concerns, and process improvements. Give agents real-time incentive tracking so they can track their own performance.

UP the Game in Your Contact Center!

UP the Game in Your Contact Center!

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