Desktop Recording

Understand, assist, and improve employee performance with agent desktop recording

Uptivity Desktop Recording empowers you to improve efficiency, customer service, and quality. Agent desktop recording combines full-motion video with synchronized audio recordings to create a comprehensive view of customer interactions. This insight can be leveraged to improve the overall level of service you provide to customers.

Desktop recording key features:

  • Full-motion video, captured at variable bit rate.
  • Support for multiple monitors.
  • Record remote offices and at-home agents.
  • Continue to record after-call work when the phone conversation ends.
  • Sensitive information can be automatically blacked out to comply with regulatory requirements, such as PCI (included with the compliance recording bundle).
  • Record email and chat sessions.
  • Agents will not notice any change in system performance when recording begins.

Desktop recording playback features:

  • Synchronized audio/video playback
  • Seamlessly integrated into Uptivity's quality management module
  • Click and drag to zoom in on areas of interest
  • Recordings are easily exported, archived, or shared in standard (MPEG or AVI) or encrypted formats

Efficient — Because Time Is Money

Uptivity Desktop Recording lets you identify workflow issues, improve your training materials, and monitor and manage email and chat usage while encouraging effective use of agent tools. Customizable recording options — either time-based or triggered by third-party applications — result in an effective solution for monitoring performance of blended agents or off-phone agents, both in the contact center and in the back office.

Identify Workflow Issues Using Desktop Recording

Uptivity Desktop Recording helps you identify the strengths of your agents while also identifying areas where they may be struggling. Having a better understanding of agent weaknesses allows you to provide additional training where needed, leading to improved agent efficiency, which in turn means improved average handling time (AHT), increased first-call resolution (FCR), and more satisfied customers.

Leverage Advanced Chat and Email Recordings

Uptivity Desktop Analytics' advanced application programming interface (API) allows third-party chat or email applications to send recording triggers to Desktop Recording, enabling it to record the duration of the chat or email session. These applications can also update the Uptivity recording with additional information, such as the customer’s ID, or the customer-facing Web page that initiated the chat.

Ensure Quality Interactions Using Desktop Recording

Our desktop recording software seamlessly integrates with Uptivity Quality Management, our quality management solution, allowing you to view recordings while performing agent evaluations. Quality Management also allows you to create specific forms for evaluating transactions, and aggregate them within your contact center’s overall quality initiative.

Augment Your Training Curriculum with Real-world Examples

Uptivity Desktop Recording lets you find the people who are most efficient at using desktop applications. Once you've identified your top performers, their recorded interactions can be leveraged to coach and train the rest of your staff to reach optimal performance levels. You can create your own multimedia training material using recorded calls. This ensures that your trainees learn how to handle difficult callers as well as everyday scenarios, resulting in higher levels of quality delivered on a more consistent basis.

Utilize Flexible Timed Schedules

By defining periods of time during which agent desktops will be recorded, Uptivity’s timed schedules provide a quick and easy way to ensure that chat and emails are captured.

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UP the Game in Your Contact Center!

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