Desktop Analytics

Enhance the customer experience with Desktop Analytics

Uptivity Desktop Analytics seamlessly integrates with your employee workstations to automatically extract relevant data from the applications they use, trigger actions, and store that data within the Uptivity WFO Suite.

Desktop Analytics Customer Scenarios

PCI Compliance

To ensure PCI compliance, organizations processing credit card transactions can use desktop analytics to automatically pause recordings during credit card entry, ensuring that sensitive authentication data (SAD), such as CAV2/CVC2/CVV2/CID and/or PIN values, is not recorded.

Identity Verification

Organizations may require the caller’s identity to be verified before making changes to a customer’s account.

By using desktop analytics to detect the entry of a PIN or an ID number, and automatically updating the corresponding recordings as “VERIFIED,” contact center management can easily run reports to ensure that agents are properly performing identity verification on all transactions. Proper steps, including coaching and training, can be taken for agents identified as those not following proper procedures.

Healthcare Records

A healthcare provider needs to organize recordings by internal patient ID number.

By detecting that number in the patient management system, recordings can be automatically updated with the ID number for quick retrieval. This allows the provider to improve patient care by quickly getting a complete view of all interactions related to a specific patient.

CRM Data

A technical support organization needs to update all recordings with the corresponding incident case number, to analyze complex customer issues requiring multiple agent interactions.

By extracting the case number from each agent’s CRM session, incidents with multiple interactions can quickly be recreated and analyzed.

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