Call Recording Software

Call recording, scalable to meet the needs of the enterprise and the SMB

Uptivity delivers an innovative call recording solution that allows you to record what you need, when you need it. It’s compatible with various system configurations — including VoIP, TDM, and blended environments. The result is a scalable solution that will grow and evolve with your organization.

Call Recording Overview

Customizable, flexible, and reliable, this powerful tool meets all of your recording needs:

You decide what to record and what not to record. For example, block recording of calls made to states with two-party recording laws, or restrict playback on portions of recordings that contain sensitive credit card information to respect PCI compliance and other recording laws.

Call Recording key features:

  • Support for VoIP, TDM, and Blended Call Recording: Your contact center won't outgrow Uptivity, which will scale with your needs and can assist in the transition from TDM to VoIP.
  • Priority-based Scheduling: Ensures that high-priority calls are not missed. Customize call recording schedules based on user-definable variables and priority rankings.
  • Priority-based Archiving: Customizable rules allow you to define which call recordings are stored short term and which are archived indefinitely.
  • Synchronized Desktop Recording: Improve call-handling times, customer satisfaction, and first-call resolution by identifying workflow issues.
  • PCI Compliance for Call Recording: Uptivity's compliance recording bundle helps maintain compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS).
  • Highly Scalable Call Recording Platform: Your contact center won't outgrow Uptivity, which will scale with your needs and can assist in the transition from TDM to VoIP.
  • CTI Integration: Leverage your existing infrastructure with seamless integration with most popular systems.
  • Advanced Search: Quickly locate and play back call recordings through a simple-to-use query tool.
  • Blocking and Filtering: Block call recording on specific call profiles, such as outbound calls to states with two-party recording laws. Custom recording rules can be based on call direction, ANI, DNIS, VDN, and more.
  • Clean Installation: This reliable solution is easy to install and maintain.

Call Recording Modes

Uptivity Call Recording can be customized to meet your specific recording needs. Uptivity's team will work with you to deliver a call recording solution tailored to your environment, taking into account your existing phone system and business requirements.

100 Percent Call Recording

If you’re looking for call recording for all your phone traffic, Uptivity Call Recording is a reliable solution for your call-logging needs.

Random/Scheduled Call Recording

Uptivity Call Recording broke new ground in the industry by offering priority-based call recording schedules. Using this powerful feature, call recording schedules can be defined based on business rules, using multiple criteria on each schedule. With the ability to record up to 100 percent of the calls for each set of rules, this solution is extremely flexible.

On-Demand Call Recording

You may have situations where you don’t need to record an entire call. On-Demand recording, available with every installation, was designed for these moments. On-Demand recording can be customized to support agent-initiated call recording through a desktop interface.

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UP the Game in Your Contact Center!

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