Uptivity Coaching and Training

Improve customer satisfaction with Uptivity's easily adaptable coaching and training solution

Effective coaching and training are critical components of agent development. Uptivity Coaching and Training equips your staff with the knowledge and tools for success while providing an effective way for agents to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Used in conjunction with Discover's integrated call recording and quality management (QM) capabilities, our solution improves customer satisfaction through better agent performance, empowerment, and morale.

Key benefits and features of Coaching and Training:

  • Quickly develop and retain highly skilled, and motivated agents.
  • Easily assess agent skill sets and identify opportunities for training.
  • Promote self-improvement by providing agents with access to information from recordings and QM evaluations.
  • Assign customized curricula and training materials to agents or groups based on performance or role.
  • Supports a variety of training material formats (videos, recordings, documents, slide shows, etc.).
  • Track completed assignments or evaluation reviews.
  • Coaching and Training is included with all installations — no additional licensing is required.
  • Completed QM evaluations can be emailed directly to agents.

Real-time Feedback, Real-time Agent Development

Our agent coaching and training solution delivers evaluation forms to your agents as you complete them, providing your staff with instant feedback on their performance. You can also allow your agents to access their own recordings and conduct self-evaluations, giving them a better understanding of quality and strengthening your coaching efforts by including them in the process.

Augment Your Agent Coaching and Training Curriculum

Our solution allows you to create a more consistent agent coaching and training program without investing in a complete online university. Replace on-the-job training and live monitoring sessions with recorded calls, pre-screened for content and quality to ensure that trainees all learn the same thing, the same way. Your net result is higher levels of quality delivered on a more consistent basis.

UP the Game in Your Contact Center!

UP the Game in Your Contact Center!

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