Uptivity White Papers

You need best practices to help drive your contact center to greater heights. Download any of these complimentary whitepapers to learn how you can drive performance in your organization:

10 Secrets to Boosting First Call Resolution

While widely recognized as one of the top drivers of customer satisfaction, actual usage of FCR as a key metric is surprisingly low.

Our e-book “10 Secrets to Boosting First Call Resolution” gives you an inside look at why contact centers should implement FCR as an essential key performance indicator (KPI), and examines the challenges associated with doing so. You'll find valuable insight, as well as real-world techniques for improving FCR, including:

  • Steps you can take to measure FCR
  • Ways to identify the causes of repeat calls
  • Industry best practices
  • Insight on how FCR relates to customer satisfaction
  • The 10 secrets to boosting FCR
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6 Steps to Speech Analytics Success

Organizations are constantly searching for new and better ways to improve customer experience and satisfaction. Integrating a speech analytics solution allows for significant benefits, such as quickly identifying insights, the ability to identify at-risk customer issues and complaints, and the targeting of both good and bad customer interactions.

This paper discusses the six steps you should take when implementing a speech analytics solution, including:

  • Defining your information needs
  • Selecting the right tool for you
  • Identifying your search sets
  • Defining your desired outcome
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Building a Work-at-home Program

What You Need to Know About the New Agent Spectrum

The growth in the use of work-at-home agents is forcing contact centers to abandon traditional management practices in favor of new ways of handling a distributed workforce. This white paper provides best practices for using workforce optimization applications to meet the demands of a shifting work environment, and empowers decision-makers to deploy effective solutions.

In this white paper, you’ll learn how to:

  • Ensure that agents are doing what they’re paid to do
  • Protect customers’ personal information
  • Shield agents from unruly callers
  • Quickly reconcile disputes
  • Develop new ways to communicate with your at-home workforce, ensuring that they remain engaged and up to speed with changes in your organization
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Calibration Makes Perfect

Calibrating contact center quality assurance (QA) performance is a key practice for ensuring that agents are delivering on their organizations’ promises to provide excellent customer care and service.

Calibrating QA evaluations to an excellence standard prevents them from being politicized by evaluator preferences or prejudices. Failure to calibrate the evaluation process can be detrimental to organizations’ strategic goal of differentiation through customer care and service excellence — attributes defined by benchmarks set by leading industry organizations.

Download the calibration white paper to:

  • Discover the importance of calibration
  • Identify when calibration is needed
  • Understand the process for establishing a calibration practice
  • Learn best practices for conducting calibration sessions
  • Explore common questions, including calibration frequency, ownership of the process, measuring effectiveness and more
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Call Recording and PCI Compliance

Ensuring the security of the data you record is critical. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has gained significant attention in a variety of markets. This is due in part to the popularity of credit and debit cards in today's society, as well as the prevalence of identity theft. Now more than ever, organizations are required to effectively protect privacy or face penalties enforced by credit card companies. This white paper provides critical details about PCI DSS, how it affects call recording applications, and what you can do to ensure that your contact center operates in compliance with the PCI DSS v2.0.

PCI compliance white paper contents:

  • The High Cost of Not Securing Payment Card Data
  • Protecting Cardholder Data
  • What Is Payment Card Industry (PCI)
  • Who Enforces PCI?
  • States Adopting PCI Standards as Law
  • The PCI Data Security Standard v2.0
  • PCI’s Impact on Call Recording
  • Data Storage Guidelines
  • Cardholder Data Elements
  • Recommendations
  • Blackouts: Avoid Recording Sensitive Authentication Data
  • Encryption
  • Next Steps
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Capturing Voice of the Customer

Quality management has been a cornerstone of contact center operations for more than 30 years. It has served organizations well as a method of managing agent performance, while driving gains in operational efficiency and service delivery. However, while the traditional quality assurance (QA) process has been effective to this point, organizations are finding that QA alone is no longer enough. This traditional process makes significant assumptions on what customers really want and appreciate, and relies too heavily on internal metrics and judgments.

This white paper explores how capturing voice of the customer (VoC) provides better insight into how customers judge agent performance and whether the service experience meets expectations.

The “Capturing Voice of the Customer” white paper contents:

  • Shortcomings of the Traditional QA Process
  • Challenges When Measuring Soft Skills
  • Using Voice of the Customer to Align Internal Goals with Customer Expectations
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction with Post-call Surveys
  • Evaluating Soft Skills Using Customer Feedback
  • Speech Analytics
  • Eliminating Subjectivity and Aligning Goals
  • Next Steps
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Drive Performance with Big Data Analytics

In today's market, customer engagement is a key differentiator that enables organizational success. Tying insights from the analysis of customer interactions to data sources from across the enterprise allows organizations to quickly uncover and respond to emerging trends.

This paper discusses how big data analytics drive performance by:

  • Analyzing data from across the enterprise, including recorded interactions, CRM, ERP, HR, SCM, WFM, and more.
  • Providing insight into call patterns and performance weaknesses.
  • Automating quality assurance on 100 percent of recorded interactions.
  • Delivering key findings and metrics for improving all aspects of contact center performance management, from the executive level down to the individual agents.
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Get the Most out of Speech Analytics

Applying actions and recommendations from speech analytics results is one of the biggest challenges in a contact center today. Developing action plans to resolve problems are a “hot topic”. The power of speech analytics comes from the ability to analyze customer interactions and provide direct performance feedback to managers, team leaders and supervisors to coach and train agents in order to alter call outcomes meant to improve agent performance and customer satisfaction.

In the speech analytics whitepaper you will learn:

•    Why people call contact centers
•    Coaching for short and long term agent performance
•    Improving average handle time (AHT)
•    Actions to better manage first call resolution (FCR)
•    Steps to ensure customer satisfaction
•    Simple tips to increase cross-sell and up-sell
•    Ways to avoid compliance violations and fines
•    Use competitive intelligence to differentiate and increase agent sales success
•    Help agents defend against service or product cancellations

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Improving the Customer Experience with Peer-based Quality Management

Quality management (QM) has long been leveraged to improve staff productivity, quickly resolve customer issues, and enhance process flow with one end goal in mind: improving the customer experience. In this white paper, we explore an alternative concept, peer-based QM. This approach distributes QM evaluation responsibility to agents, while opening lines of communication for the sharing of knowledge and best practices.

We will also look at one organization, whose commitment to delivering an exceptional experience led them to formulate the peer-based QM model discussed in this white paper.

Among the many topics covered in the “Peer-based Quality Management” white paper are:

  • Benefits of the peer-based QM model.
  • Peer-based evaluations and supervisor calibration.
  • The ideal environment for peer-based QM.
  • How one organization leveraged Uptivity to reinvent its QM program and drive a superior customer experience.
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Methods of Centralized Recording

This document is designed to assist the technical decision-maker who is evaluating call recording solutions. We will present various methods of centralized recording, detailing the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. Our goal is to arm you with questions to evaluate vendor offerings and determine the most appropriate solution for your organization’s technical infrastructure.

Includes information about:

  • Active Recording Solutions
  • Passive VoIP Recording
  • Passive TDM Recording Solutions
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Performance Management Metrics Dashboards

Enterprise-wide performance metrics have become a necessity to clearly view performance, identify issues, and respond accordingly. Insight by Uptivity processes data from multiple sources across your enterprise, delivering a dashboard view of activity via graphical displays on workstations, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

In the performance management key metrics dashboard white paper, you’ll learn how to:

  • Drive contact center performance by incorporating data from multiple sources.
  • Support multilevel KPIs by using role-based dashboards.
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Using Business Intelligence to Transform Yourself Into a Contact Center Hero

Contact centers are the front line of customer interactions and contain vast amounts of information. However, the challenge this presents is how to sift through all of this unstructured data to uncover the key pieces of business intelligence that can benefit your organization.

Today, speech and desktop analytics solutions are available to help identify areas for process improvements within the contact center. However, their full value is only truly realized when the business intelligence is shared beyond the confines of the contact center to all parts of the organization.

Download the business intelligence white paper to:

  • Learn why information is your most important competitive advantage.
  • Understand the role of analytics in the modern contact center.
  • Identify what to look for, and where to look.
  • Explore the fundamentals of establishing a business intelligence initiative.
  • Discover how you can transform yourself into a contact center hero in five easy steps.
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“This Call May Be Recorded …”

There are many reasons that companies record calls. For some, it’s not a matter of choice — regulatory requirements mandate that they record some or all of their customer transactions. For others, call recording is a vital part of coaching and training programs. Properly utilizing recordings can yield tremendous returns; however, there are some legal issues to consider before implementing a recording program.

This white paper addresses topics such as:

  • State recording laws (one-party vs. two-party states)
  • Obtaining consent to record
  • Caller notification
  • Compliance recording (PCI, TSR, TCPA, MIPPA, and more)
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