Uptivity Resources

Uptivity has resources that can help guide you through the decision-making process and help you manage your contact center better:

Avaya Solutions Brief

Contact centers measure success by how well customer expectations are met. To maintain the highest standards of service, contact centers — whether large or small — must monitor performance and pinpoint areas of excellence and improvement.

This document from Avaya outlines Uptivity's Avaya-certified solutions.

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Contact Center QA Guide: Building a World-Class Quality Program

95 pages of best practices, sample forms and tips for building and running a QA program

As the front line of many customer interactions, contact centers have an enormous impact on the overall customer experience.

As a result, organizational success is dependent on contact center performance. Establishing a successful quality assurance program allows centers to ensure quality of service delivery through call monitoring, evaluation, and agent training.

The Contact Center QA Guide provides step-by-step instructions for building and maintaining a world-class QA program.

Given the importance of quality monitoring, this 95-page guide is a must have for contact centers of all sizes, providing quality assurance best practices, sample call monitoring evaluation forms, and helpful tips for successful implementation.

Contents include:

  • Quality assurance program benefits
  • Components of a QA program
  • Creating a quality assurance leadership team
  • Implementation road map
  • Developing a QA evaluation form
  • Example QA evaluation forms
  • Assigning weights to QA evaluation forms
  • Quality monitoring criteria and guidelines
  • The calibration process
  • Quality assurance program mechanics and processes
  • Agent coaching and training
  • Reporting
  • Quality assurance program kickoff
  • Advanced quality assurance initiatives
  • Surveying
  • Customer experience monitoring
  • First call resolution (FCR)
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Manage Interaction Better with Analytics

2014 Ventana Research Perspective Manage Interactions Better with Analytics: Embrace a Fast Track to Customer Interaction Improvements

This Uptivity-sponsored reprint summarizes results from Ventana Research's 2014 industry benchmark study of contact center customer interaction handling.  The study presents primary research findings and feedback on improving interaction handling and how analytics can help optimize interactions.


  • How consumer communications technology is adding complexity to customer interactions.
  • Meeting cost-control and regulatory compliance needs by adjusting interaction practices.
  • Ways to benefit from applying automated analytics to improve interaction handling.
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PCI PA-DSS Technical Assessment

Uptivity recently engaged Coalfire Systems Inc., a respected Payment Card Industry (PCI) Payment Application and Qualified Security Assessor (PA-QSA) company, to conduct an independent technical assessment of the Uptivity Discover Suite.

Coalfire conducted assessment activities, including technical testing, architectural assessment, and compliance assessment. Download the full technical assessment for details of their findings related to a proper Discover deployment:

  • Discover may be removed from the scope of PA-DSS validation.
  • The application is not “payment aware” at any time and does not qualify as a payment application according to the PCI SSC’s definition.
  • When implemented as outlined in the attached white paper, use of the Discover suite will not negatively impact a merchant’s PCI DSS-compliance status.
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The Inner Circle Guide to Speech Analytics

Speech analytics offers a new way of improving customer contact, as businesses can discover why their customers are calling them — rather than just processing calls even more quickly and efficiently. Broken processes get identified and fixed, and customers are served better, for less cost. Huge improvements to agent evaluation and quality are also possible, as well as being able to prove compliance with regulations. Through understanding the content of vast volumes of calls, the level of actionable insight that speech analytics can unlock is unprecedented.

Aimed at contact center and business decision-makers who need a detailed and objective view of customer contact solutions, "The Inner Circle Guide to Speech Analytics" from independent analyst ContactBabel provides a detailed and realistic analysis of the benefits of speech analytics, as well as the technology, implementation best practices, ROI model building, expected results, and the market landscape.

“The Inner Circle Guide to Speech Analytics” contents:

  • The Business Benefits of Speech Analytics
  • Building a Business Case for Speech Analytics
  • The Implementation and Use of Speech Analytics
  • The Market Landscape of Speech Analytics
  • The Technology of Speech Analytics
  • Future Directions for Speech Analytics
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US Contact Center Decision-Makers' Guide

What You Should Know about ContactBabel's 2014 US Contact Center Decision-Makers' Guide

ContactBabel's 2014 US Contact Center Decision-Makers' Guide is the major annual report on the performance, operations, technology and human resources aspects of contact centers.

The Guide's survey findings this year reveal that increasing customer satisfaction is the #1 focus of contact centers in the USA.  The Guide presents a must-read encyclopedia of essential topics that include:

  • Improving quality and performance - Interaction recording, customer interaction analytics, cross-selling and up-selling, desktop optimization and profit maximization, customer-experience management and improvement.

  • Maximizing efficiency and agent optimization - Performance metrics, virtual contact centers and home-working, IP and convergence, increasing efficiency and effectiveness with the call, payment cards and security, multi-channel workforce management, forecasting scheduling adherence and reporting

  • New media and the customer of the future - Multi-channel management, self-service, social media effectiveness, mobile customers, mobile websites, smartphone applications, future developments

  • Increasing profitability - Cloud-based contact center solutions, outbound calling and call blending
  • Staffing management - Attrition and recruitment
  • Strategic directions - Technology use and plans, industry trends, contact center as strategic asset
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