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Improving the Customer Experience with Peer-based Quality Management

Quality management (QM) has long been leveraged to improve staff productivity, quickly resolve customer issues, and enhance process flow with one end goal in mind: improving the customer experience. In this white paper, we explore an alternative concept, peer-based QM. This approach distributes QM evaluation responsibility to agents, while opening lines of communication for the sharing of knowledge and best practices.

We will also look at one organization, whose commitment to delivering an exceptional experience led them to formulate the peer-based QM model discussed in this white paper.

Among the many topics covered in the “Peer-based Quality Management” white paper are:

  • Benefits of the peer-based QM model.
  • Peer-based evaluations and supervisor calibration.
  • The ideal environment for peer-based QM.
  • How one organization leveraged Uptivity to reinvent its QM program and drive a superior customer experience.