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Call Recording and PCI Compliance

Ensuring the security of the data you record is critical. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has gained significant attention in a variety of markets. This is due in part to the popularity of credit and debit cards in today's society, as well as the prevalence of identity theft. Now more than ever, organizations are required to effectively protect privacy or face penalties enforced by credit card companies. This white paper provides critical details about PCI DSS, how it affects call recording applications, and what you can do to ensure that your contact center operates in compliance with the PCI DSS v2.0.

PCI compliance white paper contents:

  • The High Cost of Not Securing Payment Card Data
  • Protecting Cardholder Data
  • What Is Payment Card Industry (PCI)
  • Who Enforces PCI?
  • States Adopting PCI Standards as Law
  • The PCI Data Security Standard v2.0
  • PCI’s Impact on Call Recording
  • Data Storage Guidelines
  • Cardholder Data Elements
  • Recommendations
  • Blackouts: Avoid Recording Sensitive Authentication Data
  • Encryption
  • Next Steps