10 Tips to Stay Focused on What Matters Most for Speech Analytics

In order to stay focused on what matters most you have to know what to focus on. Speech analytics identifies calls that contain customer concerns and issues. These calls are often monitored because they usually result in customer dissatisfaction or failure of the agent to complete a sale. Having this insight helps contact center supervisors [...]

Gamification Can Boost Performance

Done right, gamification can boost center performance by defining agent achievements that align with key operating goals.
As Ventana Research Director Richard J. Snow recommends in his Perspectives blog: “Set the right metric and you’re likely to get the right result. My benchmark research on the agent desktop and customer service identified five key [...]

Upcoming Education Training Dates

Is your New Year’s resolution to freshen up your skills and knowledge of our Uptivity products? Do you have new staff since your last paid training session? Our Education department offers complimentary monthly training sessions for the Uptivity Discover Suite. Each session is customized to core roles in contact centers. Because these roles may overlap [...]

Gamification in Contact Centers – Recognize, Reward and see Results!

Are your contact center agents lacking motivation and morale? We have a fun tool for you to begin implementing in your contact center, gamification! This new feature is making a big impact on contact centers too, keeping agents engaged, motivated and satisfied.
We recently launched a new gamification system as part of the Uptivity Discover Suite [...]

Intraday Management Best Practices for Your Contact Center

Is your contact center proactively managing and scheduling in real-time? During our recent webinar, Intraday Management Best Practices, [click here to view] we narrowed down the important tools to use to get a forward looking vision and direction of your organization. Along with this, we demonstrated how to better predict what your agent levels are [...]