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Customer Interaction Feedback Is Key to Competitive Advantage

Listening to customers’ interaction feedback enables customer-centered companies to gain valuable insights for delivering high quality customer service.  In highly competitive marketplaces, customers seek superior service. With multiple feedback channels (IVR surveys, SMS, social media, web chat, etc.) at their fingertips for leaving commentary, customers are very likely to share their fresh interaction experiences–the good [...]

Gamification Can Boost Performance

Done right, gamification can boost center performance by defining agent achievements that align with key operating goals.
As Ventana Research Director Richard J. Snow recommends in his Perspectives blog: “Set the right metric and you’re likely to get the right result. My benchmark research on the agent desktop and customer service identified five key [...]

Putting Customers First Is Secret to Top Satisfaction Rating!

cc: Discover suite is a unified software system designed to optimize customer contact centers in enterprises of every size. Its key components include call recording, screen capture, quality management, speech and desktop analytics, performance and workforce management and satisfaction surveys.
Customers use cc: Discover to reach peak operating performance. So what is [...]

The Case for KPI Dashboards Using Big Data

Optimizing contact center performance by making key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards available to executives, center managers, supervisors and front-line agents enhances their ability to align their actions with quality standards and enterprise objectives. Information from customer interactions helps identify product problems and service weaknesses as well as workflow bottlenecks. Big data analytics provide [...]

Queries about HIPAA/HITECH Compliance

CallCopy continually receives queries from healthcare providers wanting to know precisely how cc: Discover can help them comply with HIPAA and HITECH rules.
cc: Discover protects patient interaction recordings by limiting access to protected health information (PHI) to authorized users. In addition to role-based access security, the system provides file-level encryption and audit trail reporting for [...]