Change in the Right Direction

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction,” – Winston Churchill

When CallCopy was founded in 2004, our main focus was call recording. For the past nine years our company has evolved from its roots in call recording to providing a unified workforce optimization platform for maximizing the quality and efficiency of contact center operations. Because our company has continued to evolve over this time, the name “CallCopy” just wasn’t matching our identity and solutions in the marketplace. Hence, the need to rebrand as Uptivity.

“The world has changed significantly in the time since we created CallCopy,” said Jeff Canter, co-founder and CEO of Uptivity. “Customer needs, the technology at the core of what we do, and the markets in which we compete have all evolved over the last several years, and we’ve been at the center of this change. By rebranding as Uptivity, we’re showing our continued promise to deliver the right solution for every customer, every time, with unparalleled customer service.”

Often times with change comes uncertainty. While you may have seen some of our more public changes since we became Uptivity (including the very blog you’re reading), behind the scenes we’re still the same organization that our customers have grown to appreciate. The core elements of who we are haven’t changed.

It’s important to note that Uptivity hasn’t changed its leadership team. Our company has not been bought out, merged or acquired. We are still led and owned by the same great team that founded CallCopy in 2004. Not only has our leadership stayed the same but so has our superior support team. If you have any issues with your solution, you will still have access to our top-of-the-line support crew. Also, our products still remain innovative and modern to help enhance agent performance and drive strategic business goals.

A few of the things that have changed include our company name, from CallCopy to Uptivity, our product names, our new website and social media sites (see below).

Uptivity Solutions:

Before After
·  cc: Discover ·  Uptivity Discover Suite
·  cc: Clarity ·  Clarity by Uptivity
·  cc: Insight ·  Insight by Uptivity
·  cc: Voice ·  Uptivity Call Recording
·  cc: Agent ·  Uptivity Coaching and Training
·  Compliance Bundle ·  Uptivity Compliance
·  cc: Fusion ·  Uptivity Desktop Analytics
·  cc: Screen ·  Uptivity Desktop Recording
·  cc: Quality ·  Uptivity Quality Management
·  cc: Analytics ·  Uptivity Speech Analytics
·  cc: Survey ·  Uptivity Surveys

You can find more information about Uptivity at

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While our name has changed, our original mission has stayed the same. Uptivity is going to continue to scale quickly and affordably to meet the constantly changing needs of our clients. Whatever the future of contact centers looks like, we’ll be there every step of the way with the right solution for every client, every time, delivered with unparalleled customer service. That’s the Uptivity promise.

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