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If you haven’t heard our exciting news! CallCopy has rebranded and is now Uptivity!

We would like to note that Uptivity has not been bought out, merged or acquired. Uptivity still remains owned by the original founders of CallCopy. Our company continues to consist of the same great people, same great products and same great service! We are excited to finally unveil our new name, brand identity and mission. There are many upward, positive and productive developments in the near future and rebranding to Uptivity allows us to broaden our solutions to many more industries and contact centers.

“The world has changed significantly in the time since we created CallCopy,” said Jeff Canter, co-founder and CEO of Uptivity. “Customer needs, the technology at the core of what we do, and the markets in which we compete have all evolved over the last several years, and we’ve been at the center of this change. By rebranding as Uptivity, we’re showing our continued promise to deliver the right solution for every customer, every time, with unparalleled customer service.”

For the past 9 months our team has been vigorously working on this rebrand project to clarify our identity in the marketplace. We started this process by doing research and surveying analysts, current customers and partners. Next, we compiled research from the market and chose a name that clearly defines our company and the quality service we provide for our customers.

In 2014, we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary since our company was founded. When CallCopy originated our main focus was on call recording. Since then, our company has grown exponentially. Our team has grown in size and the type of solutions we provide has broadened. No longer are we just a call recording company. Things have changed so much that our old name, CallCopy, only conveyed a small piece of who we are now.

“Uptivity is about getting the best that every agent can deliver,” said Patrick Hall, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer. “We give executives, managers and employees the tools they need to boost the quality of service throughout their organization. We accomplish this while offering unparalleled service and much better value than most solutions.”

For companies with contact centers and the people responsible for optimizing contact center performance, Uptivity is a contact center workforce optimization (WFO) provider that gives any company an innovative, modern, and unified solution for measurably and continuously enhancing agent performance and driving strategic business goals. Unlike stand-alone, incomplete solutions and costly solutions from less client-focused vendors,

Uptivity offers a modern integrated, easy-to-use suite of tools that provides a unified system for performance management, workforce management, speech analytics, and call recording; unparalleled, client-dedicated customer service and support from in-house staff; a better bundle for a better value; and a lower total cost of ownership.

You can see we have revamped and modernized our website and will have also rebranded our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to maintain the Uptivity brand consistency. Other than the rebranding, everything else will remain the same. Our awesome team will be working as hard as ever to continue to maintain the great support and quality you received from CallCopy!

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