DePaul University Creates One-stop Call Center Using CallCopy Tools

DePaul University in Chicago deployed CallCopy’s call recording, quality assurance and speech analytics tools to establish a centralized, one-stop contact center for answering all student phone inquiries. An integrated telephony solution enabled DePaul to consolidate eight inquiry lines on three campuses into a single-line call handling service.

With CallCopy’s solution suite deployed, now DePaul’s Contact Central handles 294% more calls with a two-tiered handling structure, delivering faster and better service with fewer agents. CallCopy’s speech analytics helped DePaul identify why students are calling and informed the process for escalating calls that need expert handling.

To learn how DePaul University’s Central Contact Center benefits from CallCopy’s tools, view ICMI’s video podcast. Click DePaul University’s Central Contact Center: Using Quality Assurance Tools for R&D.

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