Spring Cleaning: Is it Time for a Hardware Refresh?

Taking time to evaluate the effectiveness of your current hardware is a great way to keep your business operation running smoothly. Hardware replacement should ideally happen before it impacts business continuity and causes downtime.

Your solution was the perfect fit when you purchased it. Now, just a few short years later, you might be running out of server space, or the reports you need to run daily are s..l..o..w..e..r than when you first implemented the solution. These are some signs that it may be time to retire your current server and begin a hardware replacement strategy.

You may need a hardware refresh if your organization is:

  • Running CallCopy’s cc: Discover 3.8, or earlier versions.
  • Using a server purchased before 2008.
  • Running Windows 2000 or 2003.
  • Using a server that is less than quad-core.
  • We met with Kevin Seeley, CallCopy’s Director of Installations, to get some ideas on how to determine if it’s time for a hardware refresh.

    CallCopy: How often should hardware, such as a server, be replaced?
    Kevin Seeley: Typically, I’d say 3-4 years; but it really depends on how the server is being used and maintained. Some smaller customers may not have the luxury of an in-house IT staff, a proper data center or server closet. Carefully managing the temperature and humidity is important. Like when you buy a new car and ask the dealer how long it will last – as the custodian, how are you going to drive it; that is going to make a big difference.

    CC: How can I tell how old my server is?
    KS: Good question, we get that a lot. If you don’t have the purchase date handy, you could query for the oldest call in the CallCopy system to get an idea, or, sometimes you can look server itself for the ‘born-on’ date.

    CC: What causes a server to perform poorly?
    KS: There are two key factors: age of the server and organizational growth. If you have you experienced growth in your company since your installation, you’re more likely to be a candidate for new hardware. And, if you’re getting ready to expand, you’ll want to re-evaluate hardware requirements as well.

    CC: Anything else we should consider?
    KS: Keep hardware refresh in mind as you plan future budgets.

    CC: Thank you for your time, Kevin. We always appreciate your insight.

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    2 Comments to “Spring Cleaning: Is it Time for a Hardware Refresh?”

    1. Driveway Cleaning Birmingham 14 March 2012 at 5:47 pm #

      Many thanks for the information. We currently run on CallCopy’s cc: Discover 3.8, so it looks like its time for us to update. What would you reccommend?

    2. CallCopy 15 March 2012 at 9:46 am #

      thank you for reaching out to us. we will contact you shortly with additional information.