Speech Analytics: Here’s Why You Need It

Does your organization have a hard time understanding your customers’ needs? More companies are taking the plunge into speech analytics to help enhance the quality management (QM) processes. It is one thing to be capturing data, but it’s important to take action regarding that data. Speech analytics allows you to understand the WHY in your [...]

Congratulations to our Mojo Voice of the Customer Winner!

The final Mojo award handed out at Uptivity Unleashed was Voice of the Customer (VoC), which recognized the company that captures customer feedback and implements programs to enhance the customer experience.

Universal Orlando Resort uses a unique blend of quality assurance and speech analytics to deliver more proactive service, applying their VoC data to rapidly address [...]

Congratulations to our Mojo Rookie of the Year Winner!

Our next Mojo award, Rookie of the Year, was awarded to a fast starting company that has achieved positive, measurable results with Uptivity solutions in a short time frame.

LG&E implemented call recording, new QA processes, and speech analytics with Uptivity last year!  They’ve used speech analytics to understand more about customer issues, new campaigns and [...]

Congratulations to our Mojo Technovation Winner!

Our first award that was handed out during the Mojo Awards luncheon at Uptivity Unleashed was Technovation, which went to the company that has positively impacted its business through creative use of the Uptivity platform.  Congratulations to Quicken Loans for winning this award.

Quicken Loans uses the tagline “Engineered to Amaze” and they have truly engineered [...]

Top Takeaways from Uptivity Unleashed

This year at Uptivity Unleashed was one for the books! We took our annual user conference on the road to sunny Orlando, Florida. The conference was extended an extra day offering technical training sessions to our customers along with a new Solutions Lounge that featured 17 inContact sponsors. There were tons of great conversations, team [...]