Company Culture

At Uptivity, formerly CallCopy, our core ideology is to create simple tools to solve complex problems

Our core values — People, Respect, Innovation, Drive, and Encouragement — combine to give us PRIDE in who we are and what we do.

People — You win with people

Our work affects many people: our customers, our business partners, and, of course, our employees and their families. We strive to recognize and reward our people for their contributions to the success of the team.

Respect — Demonstrate respect for yourself and for others

Respect is critical for long-term relationships to thrive. Both customer and employee retention hinges on the respect we show our peers and the actions we take to earn their respect in return.

Innovation — Ignore limits and explore possibilities

Don't focus on why something can’t be done. Instead, focus on how it can be done. When conventional wisdom is exhausted, the opportunity for true innovation is present. Jump on it.

Drive — Never be satisfied

Our greatest enemy is complacency. Our greatest weapon is our drive to overcome all obstacles and be the best at what we do.

Encouragement — Encourage individual initiative

Each person brings a unique set of talents to our company. We are committed to discovering what those talents are and encouraging each person to leverage their talents to our mutual benefit.